Lift 6™

Lift 6 Facial


You like what working out does for your body. Now there's a workout for your face. Cosmécanique stimulates your facial skin and the underlying structure to give your skin and connective tissue a natural workout. You won't believe what you'll see.

Professional treatments are performed exclusively by a certified specialist, highly trained in Facial Fitness and equipped with one of LPG's Facial Fitness machines.

Along with being pleasurable and relaxing, Facial Fitness is extremely effective. Revitalizing tissues on a cellular level, Facial Fitness improves local blood and lymphatic circulation to help reduce baggy and puffy eyes and mobilize trapped fat in the neck area to minimize a double chin, while ultimately giving a long-lasting, glowing complexion. 

The unique Facial Fitness protocol for the drainage of "watery" tissues eliminates puffy, baggy eyes while helping to stimulate circulation for reducing dark circles. It reveals your optimal features, without the distention caused by water retention.

Topically moisturizing skin is essential, but it is simply not enough to reverse the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Facial Fitness rejuvenates furrows from the inside to produce a smoothed, natural and healthy appearance – without a loss of facial expression or personality.

Facial Fitness, for a natural skin fitness workout. 


Lift 6 Facial and Mask

Facial Fitness smoothes your wrinkles, not your expressions.

Over time, regardless of gender or skin type, the thin tissues of the face, neck and décolleté will deteriorate. Despite having a balanced diet and a conscientious use of sunscreen, your skin may begin to droop and your lines and wrinkles may deepen into furrows. To help reverse these visible signs of aging, Facial Fitness applies a concentrated effort on the superficial tissue layers, were structure properties of the skin originate By stimulating these structural cells, Facial Fitness produces younger looking, healthier skin.

Depending on the action and results desired, 3 different settings can be selected and the treatment head flaps will follow a slower or more rapid motion. In just a few sessions, Facial Fitness can help to diminish the visible effects of aging- lines, wrinkles, loose skin – rejuvenating your face and décolleté for a youthful, radiant appearance.

This Endermologie ™ machine is designed specifically for the face and neck. Cosmecanique ™ stimulates your skin and underlying structure to give your skin and connective tissue a natural workout. By increasing circulation, it also increases collagen production and restores fibroblasts which is directly related to skin elastin. Lifts the face, opens the eyes, diminishes crows feet, lip wrinkles and deep facial lines.

1 visit 45min. $85

5 visits $75/visit (save $50)

10 visits $65/visit (save $200)

Radiance Microcurrent Facial 

The galvanic current uses postivie and negativ polarity changes to rejuvenate your complextion. Theis muscle timulation is 'working out' the facial muscles to lift your face into a younger you! Add-on only $30

I visit 45min  $45